Direct material supply, trade, import, onsite consignment inventory, fabrication, and manufacturing of engineered goods

Equipments and machines, hand tools for Mining Industry

Equipments and machines , hand tools for road, tunnelling, excavation works

  • I) Power Cables, fire resistant cables, coaxial cables, signal and control cables, telecominication cables, data transmission cables, vital silicon cables.
  • II) Transformers
  • III) Leds, indoor luminaries, Industrial Luminaries, Outdoor Luminaries, Lamps
  • IV) Building Materials; OSB boards, laminate floorings, Marble, Cement, Concrete Chemicals

Industry zone in Turkey with a closed area of 5.000 m2, in line with the demands of customers with modern machinery and 3D CMM measurement control systems, Aviation, Defense Industry, Energy Sector, Automotive Industry, mining industry and tunnelling industry for the production of machinery and spare parts.

Chemicals for tunnel and construction, mining, HEPP applications-dams and waste water industries

  • Chemical İnjection Products
  • Joint Repair Products
  • Structural Reinforcement Products
  • Spray Coatings and Membranes Products
  • Set accelerator is a liquid concrete additive for shotcre
  • Bolting Products
  • Void and Filling Products