Wastewater treatment

ONK-Env, is established for services of water, wastewater, energy production from wastewater, and provision of environmental chemicals. It applies the latest technology in this field in Turkey with its European solution partners. It also supports its services in the country and abroad with R&D and pilot studies.

Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment is a complicated task whose every step requires great care. It includes stages such as process selection, pilot facility studies, design, chemical material and energy expenses, Activated Sludge treatment and workmanship expenses. Aside all this, the quality of the equipment and most importantly, process guarantees determine the quality of the facility. The selection of treatment processes has to have all these factors taken into account at the optimum level. The references of ONK Environment are a proof of the difference that its studies make.

ONK-Env pioneers technologies based on treatment of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds with minimal cost.

Water treatment

Our company offers services to a diverse range of industries with long-lasting systems.

Among the various industries that we offer services to are:

  • Textiles
  • Iron, steel and heavy industries
  • Food industry
  • Automotivey
  • Power generation

Wastewater recycling facilities

Wastewater recycling facilities are facilities which purify discharged water to render it reusable. The recycling process can be based on UF, NF or RO technology according to the client’s needs.

Wastewater treatment packages

ONK Env’s domestic wastewater treatment systems are offered in packaged or concrete forms depending on the capacity of the facility. These systems which are used for purifying domestic wastewater are designed and optimised with computers after repeated calculations of wastewater flow rate and pollution concentration. Minimal initial costs, the minimal space occupation and the minimal amount of sludge to be filtered are taken into account while performing the calculations.


  • The facilities are designed with the principle of compactness.
  • Easy start-up
  • Minimal operational and maintenance costs
  • Continuous maintenance services
  • Decreased workmanship expenses with full automation
  • Guarantee against clogging of diffusors.

Selection and production of equipment

ONK Env integrates environmental technologies with its success in provision and production of equipment. ONK Environment is a pioneer in the water treatment equipment sector with its competent personnel consisting of environmental engineers and mechanical engineers.
Criteria for equipment selection:

The equipment is selected according to the main criteria below:

  • Efficiency
  • Minimal energy requirement
  • Selection of high-quality materials
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Equipment tested before assembly
  • Start up and continuous maintenance

R&d and project services

ONK Env offers its services of consultation, preliminary studies, pilot facilities, feasibility, laboratory analyses and project applications for water and wastewater treatment with a bevy of expert personnel.
ONK Env has put to use its superior knowledge on the selection of projects and processes with its equipment production department and following the latest technological developments, it has embarked on efforts to develop new technologies like all large companies around the world. It has confidence in its capabilities in this field. Its studies on oxygen efficiency in particular have started to bear fruit.
Since the beginning of 2000’s, ONK Env strives to prove its technological superiority in the field of water treatment technologies with a series of investments beyond the borders of Turkey.
Its innovations in the field of processes and equipment are supported with scientific works and published in academic journals.

Provision of chemical materials

ONK Env consists of departments of research and development, sales and marketing, chemical production and product services.
We offer services to a diverse range of residences and businesses such as factories, hotels and resorts, business centres and industrial sites.
We have also been receiving demand for our work that shows promise for exports. We are happy to announce that our clients’ satisfaction with our research and development of chemical material formulae suitable for different locations and facilities have made us a recommended company in this field.

Anaerobic reactors

Biogas is a mixture of gases obtained from organic waste putrefying in an anaerobic (airless) chamber which includes CH4, CO2, H2S, NH3 and trace amounts of H2, N2 and CO. In countries where biogas technology is common, all sorts of organic waste can be processed to produce biogas and compost.