Energy Investments Consultancy

We offer our clients in the public and the private sector the services of a group of outstanding independent consultants with a unique background in international consulting and transaction advisory.

We assist our clients to:
  • Promote economically efficient and sustainable markets
  • Help energy sector companies and regulatory agencies to improve operational and financial efficiency
  • Design effective regulation conducive to sustained, affordable energy services
  • Evaluate investment opportunities and reach successful closure of commercial energy transactions

Consultancy for conventional and renewable energy driven power plants in terms of : planning, organisation, re-organisation, R & D, feasibility, training, and engineering
Project development and financial modelling studies for a wide range of power generation/transmission/distribution and power trading companies in projects comprising: hydroelectric plants, solar power plants, tidal plants, geothermal power plants, waste incineration plants, biomass and biogas, natural gas, coal and lignite plants, cogeneration systems etc.

Energy Management Consultancy

Providing strategy development aid and educational services to energy companies for improving the knowledge intensity and increasing the operational and economic efficiency.
Conducting energy efficiency measurements and efficiency assessment studies at any scale and type of business, and developing efficiency improvement reports.
Providing simulations and projections for market dynamics (demand/supply, risk and policy dimensions) and conducting modelling studies

Integrated Waste&Wastewater Management

Development from legal framework or contractual conditions in compliance with the best practices. Remediation of Landfills, Anaerobic Digestion, Mechanical and Biological Treatment
Materials Recovery Facilities ,Waste to Energy, Composting.
Wastewater management services include collection, transfer, treatment and discharge of the wastewater in an environmentally accepted manner. Environmental conditions arising from inadequate or non-existing wastewater management pose significant threats to human health, well-being and economic activity. Wastewater management should consider the sustainable management of wastewater from source to re-entry into the environment.